Customer First, Quality First, Service First!

  • Client Installation

    We use to stay at customer’s side during
    all phases of product defination,
    instllation, usage and maintenance.

  • Our Team

    Our technical assistance team, where people having more than 10 years experience help customers in all relation steps.

  • Efficient Service

    7x24hr efficient service answers all your questions in time.

  • Warranty

    A 3-year warranty make you to set your mind on our products.


  • Professional suggestions (model selection, technical solutions…
  • Device model choice (recommend the best product according to vehicle model, temperature rating, the container volume…)
  • 24 hours service.
  • Welcome to visit our factory and production line at any time.
  • Introduce the company, product categories and production process.


  • Update the production scheduling in time.
  • Quality supervision.
  • Product acceptance.


  • Installation guide for free.
  • Free spare parts within the warranty period.
  • Technical and training support during the whole using life.